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AVG Technologies - Tough on threats.

From collectibles to cars, buy and sell all kinds of items on eBay





Fulfilling the unique training and technology needs of individuals and organizations.

Web Changes

This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.

Welcome to the home page for SDL Systems. Take a look at What's New in our web.

What's New
September  2007

The following is a list of recent additions to our web. Whenever we publish a paper, write a specification, submit a status report, or add anything else to our web, we'll put a notice here. Every month we'll remove the oldest items. The most recent changes are listed first, and each item is linked to the page with the updated content.

October 2007

October 2002

July 2002

May 2002
Personal Development Special 


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August  2007

  • [New!]Coming Soon!
    PRINTER INK SPECIALS -- Up to 75% off all types of inks. Look out!
  • SDL Systems Establishes Internet Presence



Press Releases

These are the press releases we've issued over the last year. You may want to search for topics by keyword.


October  2001


SDL System's ten-year anniversary celebration and meeting 


June 2000

bullet See the press release for more details.



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